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Small Grants Programme in Brazil

The Small Grants Programme (GEF-UNDP SGP) in Brazil, managed by the NGO Institute for Society, Population and Nature (ISPN), is celebrating 23 years in 2018. It has made nearly 600 grants to help local communities promote conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity and improve their livelihoods.

We have prepared a map to show the broad scope of the Programme and make this rich database available to the public.

With GEF support, SGP Brazil invested exclusively in the Cerrado biome for 18 years. PPP-ECOS, as it is known in Portuguese, also mobilized resources from other sources. In 2013 the Programme was upgraded and its geographical focus expanded to the Caatinga biome. In the same year, SGP Brazil started to operate with resources of the Amazon Fund / BNDES supporting initiatives in the Arch of Deforestation in the Amazon.

Brazil is also one of the countries implementing the Satoyama Initiative (COMDEKS), with resources provided by the Government of Japan through SGP. As an innovative approach, the Programme was also used as a delivery mechanism for another GEF project on Indigenous Peoples in Brazil (PNGATI/UNDP/FUNAI), and for a component of the Climate Fund in a partnership with Brazilian Government. In 2017, the Programme was used as a model for small grants managed by ISPN for the Vale Company to support babassu palmnut crackers in Maranhão state.

Check the map below for the approximate locations of all PPP-ECOS projects and select which portfolio you want to visualize.

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