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The SAVE OUR SAVANNAS – SOS! project seeks to avoid a potentially catastrophic ecological tipping point affecting half of South America. Savannas are misunderstood, neglected, and threatened. A threshold is near. We can make large-scale sustainable contributions to reversing their destruction and solving interconnected and far-reaching environmental, social, and economic problems involving water, energy, biodiversity, climate, poverty, food security, and out-migration. The solution is combining socio-ecological landscapes used by resilient rural communities with more productive and sustainable large-scale agriculture in the half already cleared. Some change has begun, but strong new stimuli are needed. ISPN’s team has technical expertise, grassroots contact all over Brazil’s Cerrado, and extensive experience in government, international agencies, academia, and civil society. The time is ripe to learn lessons, disseminate what really works, and influence public policies and private practices. This scaling-up will unlock new resources in Brazil and developing countries around the world.

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